Roofing VS Winter | Roof repair in Westchester county, NY and rockland county, NY

Roofing VS Winter

Ensuring that your roof is in great conditions all year long is critical, especially during winter season. During winter your roof is forced to face harsh weather, all ranging from severe cold, extreme rain, and even heavy snow. In a battle of roofing vs winter, you want your roof to come out victorious, and this is how you can achieve it:

First and foremost you are going to want to start off by inspecting your roof both on its interior and exterior. During the inspection you have to look for signs of leaking, holes, or spots. The smallest crack on a roof can turn into a big and expensive repair if not looked at right away, so don’t let it sit on the back burner. During serious weather, minor damages can turn into major ones.

When inspecting within the property, look in places like the attic for signs of a deteriorated roof. Usually, if you see random spots on the ceiling, this is an indication that there are leaks.

If you have carefully inspected your roof, and there are no signs of trouble, then you are ready to take on the next step, which is cleaning your gutter. By allowing for debris to remain within the gutter, you are giving license for ice dams to form. A clogged gutter is a threat to your home, so clean it right away.

The only thing that should make you worried during winter regarding your roof is if you know your roof is not in great conditions. Low and poor quality roofs are most susceptible to succumbing and needing thousands of repairs.

If you clean your gutter and found no signs of trouble on your roof, you are good to go. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your gutter or inspecting the roof, remember there are always professionals at JKR Construction willing to help.