How People from Rockland, Westchester & Orange County can avoid roofer scams

People and businesses in Rockland, Westchester and Orange counties want to get the best deal from a roofer. It is only human nature to be happy with a great price. But when is a deal too good to be true? Most roofers in the area are hard-working and honest. However, it is the few bad roofers that make people wary of the industry. An educated consumer needs to know what to look for in a roofing contractor as well as how to avoid roofer scams. Below you will find the seven things that tell you that you are dealing with a dishonest, unscrupulous roofer. JRK Construction is dedicated to providing prompt service done right the first time and every time. They are located in Spring Valley in Rockland County and take care of every residential or commercial customer as if they were their neighbors.

 As a new home owner, I was shocked when I received a letter from my insurance company advising that I needed a new roof before the end of the month.  I called Joe for a quote and was pleased with the price.  Not only did the price seem reasonable, he only uses GAF supplies, which come with a very long term warranty.  With the pending bad weather, Joe showed up the following week with a team of 5 people, and they managed to tear off the entire (three layers of shingle) roof and put on the new one in a single day.  Joe and his team were very professional, prompt and did great work.  After our recent blizzard, I am proud to say that while my neighbors’ roofs have already lost their snow, our roof is still covered (proof we're not losing heat through it).  I would definitely use JKR again, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality roofer.

-Kari A. – Homeowner, Croton-on-Hudson, NY

How People from Rockland, Westchester & Orange County can avoid roofer scams
Seven ways to avoid roofer scams in Rockland County, Orange or Westchester

Seven ways to avoid roofer scams in Rockland County, Orange or Westchester

If your roofer tries any of the following scams…avoid them at all costs!  You should also report them to the Better Business Bureau and the consumer protection agency for your County.  Here are links for the Rockland, Westchester and Orange agencies. 

Here are seven ways to avoid roofer scam:  

  1. Out-of-town “storm chasers” with unmarked trucks – especially if they have out-of-state license plates. Do business with local firms from Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties with local service. 
  2. Many fly-by-nights will come in from a hundred miles away and knock on your door and say they just finished a job in town and will give you a price too good to be true. In many cases they will ask for a down payment and often that is the last you will hear from them. 
  3. Never do business with a firm that is not licensed and insured. Do not use a company that says they do not have insurance because they pass the savings on to you!  If one of their workers get injured on your property and they are not insured, the worker can sue you!
  4. Avoid a roofer who is not a full-time contractor.
  5. It is a very bad idea to use a company that is brand new to the business without significant experience. Any quality roofer who is going out on his own will have a many years of experience in the trade before they start their own company.  If they do not have significant roofing experience how will they be able to solve the problems that inevitably arise on every job? 
  6. Do not use a contractor who will not stand behind their work and will not put their agreement in writing.
  7. Avoid companies where you do not have access to the owner and cannot easily communicate effectively.

If you are looking for a roofer who does not cut corners, provides quality roofing at very competitive pricing, check out JKR Construction. We believe you will find them to be one of the best values for roofers in Rockland, Westchester and Orange counties!

JKR Construction - Roofers serving the following areas of Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties

JKR Construction services all of Rockland and Westchester Counties. Their service area also includes Southern Orange County including: Blooming Grove, Chester, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Cornwall, Fort Montgomery, Goshen, Greenwood Lake, Hamptonburgh, Harriman, Highland Falls, Kiryas Joel, Maybrook, Monroe, New Windsor, South Blooming Grove, Tuxedo Park, Washingtonville, West Point and Woodbury. They provide both residential and commercial roofing to these areas.

Why Rockland, Westchester and Orange buyers choose JKR Construction as their roofers

Joe & Al Lliguicota live in Rockland County and have over 25 years of combined experience as roofers. They both worked for local roofing companies for years prior to opening JKR Construction in 2011. As the owner-operators, they do all of the estimates and they are on every job. This not only insures that you have access to the owners at all times but also reduces overhead and allows them to deliver the highest quality at the most competitive rates. JKR Construction wants to be your roofer and is dedicated to delivering superior value to each and every Rockland, Westchester and Southern Orange County customer – call them at 845-659-1931. You will be glad you did!