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JKR Construction - The experience & know-how to do things right the first time, yet hungry enough to deliver superior value and very competitive pricing!

JKR Construction is owned by Joe & Al Lliguicota and is located in Spring Valley, NY, Both Joe and Al live in Rockland County. Joe has over 15 years experience and Al has over 10 years of hands-on experience. They both worked for local roofing companies for years prior to opening JKR Construction in 2011. They have the experience to know-how to deal with any issue that may come up, and their company is young enough that they have to go the extra mile to deliver more value and service than the long-established roofing companies. Many of the older firms hire salesmen to sell and foremen to supervise their jobs. A good salesman and foreman cost $100,000+ each in salary and benefits. JKR Construction is owner-operated and the owners do the sales and supervision. They will never cut corners and purposely keep their overhead as low as possible so that they can pass the savings on to their customers.

JKR Construction - A value leader in Residential and Commercial Roofing

JKR Construction is a relatively young company.  Although the owners have extensive roofing experience, they have to keep their eye on delivering the best value available.  They are dedicated to doing everything right the first time and every time.  JKR will never cut corners or provide shoddy workmanship to lower the price.  Rather, they purposely keep their overhead low and the owners are on every job. This gives them a price advantage over bigger companies with bigger offices, more supervisors and salespeople.  Additionally, since they are on the job, they are available to discuss any issue that arises.  If you call them after hours, your call will be returned promptly.   Joe and Al enroll in on-going training from the manufacturers to insure they are up to date with the latest procedures and products.  Below is a list of the commercial and residential services they provide: 

  • JKR Construction is fully licensed WC-16769-H14 What is the Rockland County license?
  • They are fully insured, and carries general liability as well as worker’s compensation insurances
  • They are EPDM certified
  • JKR is GFA factory authorized
  • They provide Hot Torch services
  • They are certified to install GAF - liberty rubber roll membrane roofing materials for low-slope roofs
  • They provide all grades of GAF Asphalt Shingle roofs with warranties up to 50 years
  • Quality, timely roof repairs
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • They install commercial roofing materials with some of the industry’s top warranties
  • All labor is warranted for a year
  • Certified Gutter installation –aluminum and copper gutters and flashing
  • Ice guard installation
  • Ability to deal directly with the owners – Joe and Al are on the job and are available to answer question or to address your concerns.

In order to help their customers, JRK has developed 23 Tips for Choosing The Roofer That Is Best For You as well As Seven Ways To Avoid Roofing Scams.  They also provide Seven Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Roofer for Your Needs. RKR Construction believes in educating the public, and by doing so, the consumer can compare roofers and determine who is best for their particular needs. 

JKR Construction earns their customer’s business one job at a time

JKR Construction has been earning their customers the old fashioned way since 2011. They listen to each prospects needs and wants. They then develop a proposal that addresses those needs using the materials that fulfil their needs and their budgets. They take the time to explain the various options and the warranties involved. Some people want and can afford the best products with the best warranties. Others have a limited budget and want the highest quality they can afford. Joe and Al review their needs and budget and come up with the best solutions for them. Be it a residential roof repair or a large commercial job, JKR always approaches the job the same way, with honesty and integrity. They explain all of the customer’s options and they help them determine the best approach for their dollar. In doing so, they earn the trust and their customer’s business. This has been the way they have built their company and will always be their hallmark – knowledgeable advice, honest discussions, developing the best solution for their customer’s budget, providing quality workmanship, never cutting corners and always delivering very competitive prices. In a word, JKR Construction delivers the best value for your hard-earned dollar every day and on every job! Call them at 845-659-1931 – you’ll be glad you did.

JKR Roofing

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